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It’s a very exciting day for us at AMELIORATE. Our first blog, our new website, new packaging, renamed products but most special for us this week is our new Fragrance Free Transforming Body Lotion!

Fragrance Free Body Lotion

Fragrance is all about personal choice. We know that some of our customers prefer a neutral base so they can layer on their favourite perfumes or aftershaves and now they can with our Fragrance Free body lotion. It has the same formulation and benefits as our hero body lotion, just without the added fragrance. Do let us know what you think?

Redesigned, renamed, renewed!

We have listened to our customer’s views and have updated our packaging and product names so it is clearer what the benefits are and easier to shop for! We hope you like exploring the new pages on the website and seeing our revised packaging – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

New Website

Well you’ve found our blog so we know you’ve found our new website – we think it
will make shopping for your favourite products so much easier!

We would love you to take a look around and let us know what you think – does it have all the information you need from us? Is there anything else you want? We love our Review pages especially our customer feedback page – hearing the difference AMELIORATE has made to your skin and sometimes to your lives is the best news we could ask for. Take a look – maybe your comment is on there!


Our Transforming Body Lotion is now in Boots as well as Space NK. Never again will you find yourselves running out of your favourite product – pop into your local high street and relax, knowing you can continue with your body’s silky, soft skin regime!

New Prices

Just to reiterate our news from March that due to the overwhelming popularity of AMELIORATE we have been able to permanently lower our prices. Guaranteed on our website. (link) We hope this helps you have a summer of smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin!

You’d think that would be it as far as new news is concerned, well we can share with you that there is more coming… watch this space over the next few weeks and we’ll share more!


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