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Annette – My Skin Journey

I first became conscious of my skin as early as primary school. It was rough, bumpy and felt like sandpaper, and I did everything in my power to cover it up. Swimming lessons were my worst nightmare. I particularly hated how my arms looked and, as a fashion-conscious teenager, shopping for clothes wasn’t much fun. Strappy tops were never an option so I always plumped for the safety net of three-quarter length sleeves.

I literally tried anything I thought might help. I spent every penny of my pocket money on scrubs and exfoliating products. Visits to multiple doctors were unsatisfactory and even though they provided me with a name for my skin condition – Keratosis Pilaris – they failed to provide a solution. I was prescribed greasy emollients for the bath and tubs of horrible thick creams that never fully absorbed. I hated using them, and my skin didn’t improve either. Having a tan helped camouflage my annoying bumps, but despite getting married in the Summer I still chose to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress.

Conducting my own research, I soon realised there was little known about Keratosis Pilaris. What really blew me away was the fact that 40% of the population struggled with this common dry skin condition and there didn’t appear to be a suitable solution, which is unbelievable when there seemed to be a constant stream of pioneering skincare treatments appearing on the market. When each of my three children developed Keratosis Pilaris and more trips to the doctor resulted in being given the same bath emollient and tub of ineffective greasy cream that I’d been given all those years ago, I decided that enough was enough.

I’d dreamt of products that were not only effective but a pleasure to use for far too long… If I couldn’t find them, I would have to make them myself.

I approached a leading UK skincare manufacturer and talked to them about my aspirations. Luckily, they shared my enthusiasm and together with their world-class scientists we created AMELIORATE – the UK’s first dermatological skincare brand proven to help rough, dry, bumpy skin.

Our ground-breaking resurfacing body lotion not only has a luxurious texture and soft, caring fragrance but it is easily absorbed. And memories of those unpleasant emollient baths are the inspiration behind the AMELIORATE Bathing Powder – there’s not a drop of grease in sight in this clever skin-softening, milky, conditioning soak.

With my skin completely transformed, I felt liberated! I now had new fashion options. I could wear those strappy tops that I once dreaded, but this wasn’t just about how my skin looked; it was about how I felt inside too.

With AMELIORATE’s innovative formulations and clinically proven test results, I’m very proud to say the brand has since been met with high acclaim from industry experts, beauty journalists and bloggers around the globe, resulting in multiple accolades. But nothing makes me happier than hearing our customers’ feedback – some of whom say AMELIORATE has changed their lives, not just their skin. Giving someone the confidence to wear what they want has always been my biggest drive in creating the brand. I wouldn’t settle for second best with my skincare so why should you?

Annette Luck


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