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AMELIORATE: the brains behind the scenes

I’ve been working as a cosmetic formulator the whole of my career, over thirty years! In that time I’ve been lucky enough to work on many exciting projects for key brands in the beauty industry but few formulas have ended up being ‘game changers’like AMELIORATE Body Lotion.

We met Annette and I’m ashamed to say until then I was unaware of KP. It just wasn’t a skin condition we ever consider when formulating body products. Clearly I wasn’t the only chemist who had missed this as the lack of available products on the market demonstrated.

Listening to Annette describe the years of trials with various products both cosmetic and medical made me realise a potential cosmetic treatment was possible using the knowledge we have from formulating modern, cutting edge, anti ageing skin care.

By combining a few key ingredients at levels we hadn’t tried before (this is where the secrets lie) we made a few early prototypes. Annette tried them and it seemed like we might be onto something.

But I still, even at this stage thought it was probably just a good moisturiser and nothing revolutionary. In order to see if it really was making a difference we needed to try it on a lot of people. A specialist testing company recruited a huge panel of KP sufferers and the real trials began.

The day the results came back was my ‘remember where you were moment’. I’d never seen a user trial with better results! Incredible. We looked at each other that day and knew we had something very special.

The journey since then has been remarkable. As a cosmetic scientist I get used to people saying products don’t work (usually not mine of course), it’s a fickle business and people switch brands often. But the feedback we’ve had from AMELIORATE customers has been overwhelming. People’s lives have been changed and this, for a cosmetic product is almost unheard of. And of course not just for KP sufferers, the product gets outstanding reviews from people who don’t have KP and this has been the really exciting part for me. Watching the brand move from a speciality product designed for few into a formula available for everyone has been incredibly rewarding.

Robin Parker

Technical Director 

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